STL Tonality Will Putney

STL Tones Release the Tonality Will Putney

STL Tonality Will Putney is an all-in-one guitar suite plugin developed exclusively from none other than Producer/Mixer Will Putney’s signature guitar & bass sounds.

Designed by STL Tones, Putney, the Will Putney Plugin Suite has been developed to capture every song aspect of what makes the Putney’s guitar tones so distinctive. The plugin suite takes your direct input guitar signal all the way to a fully mixed guitar tone with its unique all-in-one design.

Features – 

  • 5 amplifier modules meticulously developed from 5 of Putney’s personal go-to amp’s. Using the most advanced modelling algorithms, users can experience real-time simulations of Will’s full guitar and bass signal chains.
  • Dialled stomp section that gives users access to 3 of Putney’s personal Overdrive, Delay and Reverb Pedals.
  • A stunning cab room featuring Will’s personal collection of cab’s and speakers, including a built-in IR loader for external impulse responses.
  • Master EQ Module – For the first time in the Tonality series, we are including Putney’s Master EQ Module at the last stage of the signal chain. This was modelled directly from his hardware unit.
  • 100+ Presets dialled by Putney from scratch, not to mention album tone presets from his favorite releases to date!

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