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KYRO DULO – The Ultimate Pedalboard Amp?

KYRO DULO – The Ultimate Pedalboard Amp?

KYRO Audio, a small company out of Sofia, Bulgaria, has just released the KYRO DULO – a highly versatile Class D pedalboard amp constructed to be the ultimate pedal platform.

Designed and hand-built by some ingenious Bulgarian engineers with a big passion for guitar gear, the KYRO DULO is the perfect working musician, fly rig, and mobile recording solution.

Recently reviewed by respected YouTuber EytschPi42, the KYRO DULO is the real deal. Not a toy. Not an amp that works well with some FX but not others. But a useful, mature pedal platform that WORKS.

As EytschPi42 recently stated:

“A small company from Bulgaria did what H&K and Vox could not! THIS is the pedalboard amp that actually works!”

Watch playthrough + review of the KYRO DULO by EytschPi42!

Focused on making a bulletproof platform, KYRO Audio built a mini pedal that does double duty: record an album during the day AND play a gig at night.

The KYRO DULO can live on your pedalboard or fly rig, ready to go at any time. And if you’re not a gigging musician, you can run this thing on your desk and not take up a ton of space like traditional amps.

KYRO is currently offering a special limited run of 100 units (numbered + certified) shipped before Christmas. The company will continue with standard production in 2021 and has exciting plans for an expanded line of amp pedals.

Save a ton of space, money, and your back. The KYRO DULO literally fits in your pocket!


  • Class D Power Amp
  • Single Clean Channel
  • 3-Band EQ (with EQ Bypass)
  • Built-In Cab Sim (with Bypass)
  • DI Line (XLR) and ¼” Outs
  • Volume Control
  • Presence Control
  • Bright Switch
  • Ground Lift Switch
  • Mute Switch
  • DULO Tone Enhancer® Circuit

Technical Specification:

  • Output Power: 30W @ 8Ω / 15W @ 16Ω /50W @ 4Ω
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • DI Line Out: +4dB (3.472 Vpp)
  • Power Supply: 100 – 240VAC
  • Weight: 0.81 kg / 1.81 lbs (incl. power adapter)
  • Amp Dimensions: 95 x 120 x 50 mm / 3.75″ x 4.75″ x 2.0″
  • Adapter Dimensions: 50 x 124 x 32mm / 2.00″ x 5.00″ x1.25″

Price: $249

KYRO are currently running a weeklong Black Friday sale on the KYRO DULO. Only $199 (down from $249) thru 11/30.

Available for presale NOW (shipping in early December).


Emil Kirilov

CEO & Founder


Devin Barroga

Marketing & Co-Founder


Instagram: @KyroAudio

Facebook: @KyroAudio

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Flamma Launches FS06 Digital Preamp Pedal

Flamma Launches FS06 Digital Preamp Pedal

The Flamma lineup continues to expand as they launch their first preamp pedal, boasting 7 digital guitar preamps covering a wide range of tones fit for any genre. 

As with all Flamma pedals, focus is placed on offering high-quality, flexible tone options with a simple UI at an affordable price. Each preamp inside the FS06 features two channels that can be easily switched between. The built-in cabinet simulator can also be toggled on and off for when a real-life cab isn’t available and built-in EQ knobs allow easy adjustment of Bass, Mid, Treble, Gain, and Volume levels that can be saved to each channel’s preset slot. Two modes of operation are available for the footswitch, allowing it to be used as either an on/off switch or a channel selection switch.

All of these features are wrapped with a clean, industrial design and royal purple finish that complements any pedalboard.

Preamp Models: Deluxe Blue, AC31, Coral Reef, Plex 50, Blue Eye 100, MB 5th Gen, HVE 5151

FS06 Features:

1. 7 different preamp models that cover a wide variety of classic and modern guitar tones. 

2. Each preamp model has two channels with preset save slot for each preamp.

3. Built-in cabinet simulation allows users to connect directly to mixer/PA system.

4. Footswitch can be used to switch channels or to toggle pedal ON/OFF.

The FS06 will be available from Flamma Amazon USA/Canada/Japan, flamma.shop and Aliexpress from November 18th 2020.

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Wampler Plexi-Drive Mini

Wampler Plexi-Drive Mini

First there was the Plexi-Drive. Then there was the Plexi-Drive Deluxe. Now Wampler Pedals bring you the all new Plexi-Drive Mini. Brian has managed to cram an improved version of the original Plexi-Drive circuit into a miniature housing and has added some new features. Since the early 60’s, Marshall Amplifiers® have lead the way in rock tones with legendary tight overdrive and coveted bass response. Early rock legends such as: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Cream, and AC/DC helped in creating some of the most iconic rock tones ever and catapulted Marshall® into legendary status. Like the original, the Plexi-Drive Mini’s unique gain structure can cover everything from Vintage ’68 style Plexi tones to the all-out massive rock tones of a JTM-45® cranked to ten, or even eleven…

The all-new Mid Boost circuit switch, never featured on any previous Wampler Plexi style pedal, creates a powerful throaty tube-like boost by tweaking several gain stages of the circuit at once.  The combination of these switches with the Tone and Gain controls offer impressive tonal flexibility from a mini pedal. Many players love to run Tumnus, Clarksdale and other OD type pedals into the Plexi-Drive or Plexi-Drive Deluxe.  For the Plexi-Drive Mini, Brian implemented gain stage and EQ changes within the mid boost circuit to achieve a similar response – the result is astounding, and with masses of gain on tap, things are about to get loud! The Plexi Drive Mini also features our special Bass Boost switch which emulates the tonal difference between a 4×12 and 2×12 speaker cab.

  • Built in USA
  • High-grade components selected for their superior sound and response
  • Famous Plexi Drive sound with custom Mid Boost circuit and
    classic Bass Boost circuit
  • Volume, Gain, Tone controls
  • Dimensions: 1.5” x 3.5” x 1.5” (38.1mm x 88.9mm x 38.1mm) – height excludes knobs and switches
  • Power draw: 1.4mA at 9v, 2.3mA at 18v 9v power jack – DC supply only, no battery connection within.
  • Includes Wampler’s limited 5-year warranty

“Marshall”, “Marshall Amplifiers” and “JTM-45” are trademarks of Marshall Amplification and are in no way associated with Wampler or Boutique Amps Distribution.

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Friedman Smallbox Pedal

Friedman Smallbox Pedal

The Friedman Smallbox all-tube amp is well known for being one of the most flexible and touch-responsive two-channel amplifiers on the market. Now you can get that same tonal versatility, sensitivity and harmonically rich overdrive in a pedal. The Smallbox Overdrive packs the same intuitive control set as the amplifier, allowing you to dial in your perfect shade of rock, from vintage Plexi goodness to high gain madness in no time. It doesn’t matter if you want a high-output cleaner tone for pushing your amp hard or a thick gritty drive that will sit well in any classic to modern rock band, a sweep of the gain control easily gets you there. If you want to reign in the gain more, simply flip the side-mounted gain switch, and it will simulate the Plexi-Channel of the Smallbox Amplifier. Want to experience the amp’s accolade-garnering tone in the convenience of a pedal? Put the Smallbox Overdrive on your board today.

British rock at its best

Though the Smallbox overdrive can scream with an unabashedly rock ‘n’ roll voice, you’ll be surprised at how truly versatile it is. To get more out of the amp you already have, roll the pedal’s gain knob back, flip the gain structure switch to “lower gain mode” and get a killer dirty boost.

● Friedman Smallbox amp tone in a compact pedal format

● Responds to guitar controls and picking nuance exactly like the amp

● Gain control and gain structure switch takes you from gritty to hard rock in no time

Ready for your rig

The Smallbox Overdrive pedal delivers tube-like tone in a small pedal format which can be used either into a clean amp or to boost an already over-driven amp.

● Ideal for use with both clean and overdriven amps

● Controls for bass, mid, treble, presence, volume, and gain are intuitive for quick ‘dial in’.

● 2 position side-mounted Gain Structure switch gives you options from low-focused gain to high gain madness!

The man who knows tone

Dave Friedman has been building one of the most stellar reputations in the guitar, amplifier, and effects industry for decades. His clientele – which includes some of the biggest names in electric guitar – continue to rely on him, to keep them sounding their best night after night. When he puts his name on a piece of gear, you know it will get the job done.

● Dave Friedman’s name is synonymous with high-quality electric guitar products

● Assembled in USA with only the finest materials for flawless performance

● Every unit is inspected and tested before shipping

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Flamma Launches FS01 Drum Machine & Phrase Loop Pedal

Flamma Launches FS01 Drum Machine & Phrase Loop Pedal

Flamma Innovation has launched a new drum machine & phrase loop pedal for the holiday season. The FS01 is a large-body pedal that features stereo outputs and visual looper timing bar.

FS01 Stereo Drum Loop

The FS01 Drum Loop pedal features a full-featured drum machine and looper with stereo outputs at an unbeatable price. The Looper provides a whopping 20 minutes of recording time and can be used independently or simultaneously with the drum machine. The FS01 also includes a visual bar indicator to accompany the looper and ensure perfectly timed loops and dubs. The drum machine features 11 different grooves styles to choose from with each groove having multiple time signature and tempo variations for a total of 121 different beats. Whether performing live or using the FS01 as a practice companion, individual looper and drum machine volume controls and stereo outputs allow you to find the perfect balance.

  • 20 minutes capacity looper with drum machine
  • Drum machine features 11 different groove styles with multiple time signature and tempo variations.
  • Three different modes: Looper mode, drum machine mode, and mix mode.
  • Mix mode allows user to use looper with drum machine.
  • Visible looper recording bar to aid with loop recording.
  • Individual volume level adjustment for looper and drum machine.

The FS01 will be available from Flamma Amazon USA/Canada/Japan, flamma.shop and Aliexpress from November 18th 2020.

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Review – Aclam Guitars S2 Advanced Pedalboard Kit

Review – Aclam Guitars S2 Advanced Pedalboard Kit

I think most of us have a love/hate relationship with our pedalboards. Setting them up in the first place is a pain. Having to cut strips of velcro, finding they don’t want to stick to the base of certain pedals, finding a pedal needs to be moved and then the velcro comes unstuck when you try to prise the pedal away from the board, then having to tidy up all of the cables. Finally, you get it completed and you’re happy, until a month later when you buy a new pedal and need to redo everything!

Aclam Guitars thought there must be a better way of doing things so they designed a much better solution. Continue reading →

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Revv Amplification goes for gold with Limited Edition G2 Overdrive

Revv Amplification goes for gold with Limited Edition G2 Overdrive

Everybody likes gold! Revv Amplification’s most recent pedal gets a 2020 update with the Limited Edition Revv G2 Gold. Based on the Green Channel from Revv’s boutique amplifiers, the G2 adds a 3-position “Drive” mode to revoice the pedal from clean tone shaping, to touch sensitive overdrive, to classic tube amp tones. Continue reading →

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Bogner V2 Transformer Pedals

Bogner V2 Transformer Pedals

New Size, New Look, Custom Audio Transformers

Bogner Amplification re-releases its classic pedals using the legendary custom audio transformer. Just like their bigger brothers, the V2 series pedals feature a 100% analog circuit path with true bypass. The custom audio transformer allows to serve up rich, studio quality, buttery tones with ultra-dynamic responses and stunning, three-dimensional sound quality inspired by the classic mixing consoles of the 1960’s. The iconic jewel light reacts to the dynamics of your playing, depending on the output level of your instrument. These classic pedals are now available in a more smaller and pedalboard friendly and also rounded housing. Continue reading →

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Neural DSP Release The Quad Cortex Pedal

Neural DSP Release The Quad Cortex Pedal

Neural DSP are bursting into 2020 in a huge way, by releasing the Quad Cortex. Not content with dominating the amp and effects software market, they have now used their knowledge to develop their first physical product.

The Quad Cortex uses machine learning via Neural Capture. Neural Capture features a unique neural network architecture that is capable of autonomously analysing, learning, and replicating an amplifier’s sound and dynamic response in a way that closely resembles human perception for unparalleled accuracy and realism. Users can use Neural Capture to create profiles based on their own rig using the most accurate and powerful technology on the market.

Powered by 2Ghz of dedicated DSP from the Quad Cortex’s quad-core SHARC and dual ARM architectures, this hugely powerful pedal will be able to run 4 amp models, stereo reverb and multiple effects simultaneously. All of this power has been squeezed into a small and portable unit made from aluminium and featuring a 7-inch multi-touch screen. The stainless steel footswitches also rotary encoders for making adjustments to your settings.

Neural DSP Quad Cortex

The Quad Cortex will ship with 50+ amps, 70+ effects and 1000+ IRs. These will be expanded with free updates.

Neural CNS allows you to connect the Cortex to various devices via wifi allowing real-time control, preset sharing and updating wirelessly.

Neural DSP Quad Cortex Rear

If Neural DSP’s software is anything to go by, the Quad Cortex is going to be a game-changer!

You can pre-order one of the first 1000 units now with a €200/$200 deposit. The total cost will be €1599/$1599 and orders will ship by September 2020.

Visit neuraldsp.com for more information

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Say Hello to the Newest Member of the GE Family – The MOOER Audio GE250!

Say Hello to the Newest Member of the GE Family – The MOOER Audio GE250!

MOOER Audio introduces the perfect choice for those that need high-quality IR support, quality preamps/cab simulation and a full palette of effects, with a bit of TONE CAPTURE amp-sampling fun. The GE250 is fully redesigned with easy to read black text on an all-white body while sporting a fancy new expression pedal design for added durability. Functionality is also expanded for the professional guitarist as the GE250 comes with a host of I/O options as well as a footswitch setup similar to the GE300 for added customization and control. Continue reading →

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