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Two notes expand DynIR Artist Series with Phil X Virtual Cabinets

Two notes expand DynIR Artist Series with Phil X Virtual Cabinets

Two notes expand their Artist Series of DynIR Virtual Cabinets by announcing a partnership with one of the most prolific session players (Chris Cornell, Avril Lavigne, Alice Cooper, and many others) and respected musicians (lead guitar ‘Bon Jovi’ since 2011, frontman / guitarist ‘The Drills’) of modern times, Phil X.

Dynamic Impulse Responses (DynIR) are regarded as one of the most advanced yet easy to use cab sim technologies available for guitarists and can be used with Torpedo hardware, such as Captor X, or the Two notes Wall of Sound Plug-In.

The Phil X Collection captures 5 of Phil’s favorite stage and studio cabinets used throughout his incredible career in DynIR format:

  • Phil X Master of Tone – captured from an open back Magnatone® 1×8″ with a Jensen® “Special Design” speaker
  • Phil X Mars 412 – captured from a closed back Marshall® 4×12″ 1960B with Celestion® G12-75 speakers
  • Phil X MLC – captured from a MLC Custom® closed back 4×12″ with WGS® Veteran 30 speakers since 2011
  • Phil X Mars 212 – captured from a closed back Marshall® 2×12″ P.A. cabinet with Celestion® G12-65 speakers
  • Phil X Super 108 – captured from a closed back Supro® 1×8″ with a Jensen® CBR speaker

The 5 cabinets were meticulously captured with 8 studio microphones through vintage Neve® 1061 preamps at Ocean Way Studios (Nashville) and the Pop Machine (Indianapolis).The 4 DynIRs created at Ocean Way Studios were engineered by Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award winning Producer / Engineer, Ben Fowler.

Phil X
Every once in a while a technology comes around and out of the gate, I’m like NO WAY!!! I want real amps with real speakers. Then Two notes comes along with the Captor X, which has a load box for my amp and a variety of virtual cabinets with tons of parameters, that sounds great. Now that I have my very own 5 favorite cabs in the system, it’s FANTASTIC!! Oh… and I’ll be using them on tour too!


Guillaume Pille, Two notes Audio Engineering CEO

“I am excited to welcome Phil X’s personal collection to our library of DynIR virtual cabinets. People who know Phil understand that he would never settle for anything less than perfection. He loves tone, so he loves the gear that will provide that tone in any situation. Having Captor X in his studio and touring rigs wasn’t enough, he wanted his own collection of DynIRs, the trusted cabinets and microphones that have followed him for so many years. This is what the Artist Series is about: bringing to the whole Two notes community the experience of renowned musicians who devoted their lives to tone chasing.”

For further information visit 

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Nembrini Audio Launches Their Studio Grade Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp Plugin

Nembrini Audio Launches Their Studio Grade Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp Plugin

Create state-of-the-art acoustic soundscapes

Guitar amp plugin specialist, Nembrini Audio, is proud to launch Acoustic Voice, a preamp plugin which combines guitar and microphone simulation with studio preamp, modulation, delay and reverb controls. See the plugin in action at and hear it here.

Nembrini Audio has expertly profiled six iconic acoustic guitars and three professional mics for their new plugin, Acoustic Voice. The plugin features high quality modelling of the following classic, sought after guitars: Martin 0028ec*, Gibson L00*, Landola J80E*, Guild D140CE*, Ayers DSR* and the Taylor 814CEDLX*. Acoustic Voice also contains three tried and tested studio mics emulations with different placements based on the following mics: the Audix ADX 51*, Beyerdynamic M201* and the Shure SM57*.

The controls of the new plugin, based on the creative techniques developed by studio engineers and producers, allow guitarists to create and explore state of the art acoustic soundscapes.

Nembrini Audio Launches Their Studio Grade Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp Plugin

Acoustic Voice’s PREAMP let users fine-tune their tone using a comprehensive range of controls which can compress input signals, progressively add distortion, mix input signal and mic’d acoustic guitar simulations, choose different pickups, adjust low frequency bass notes, boost trebles, work with or remove high and low frequencies and deal with problem frequencies.

The speed, synchronisation and intensity MODULATION controls offer users limitless opportunities to move their tone into the ultimate dimensional experience. Plus, the totally tweakable DELAY and REVERB controls combine to further assist Acoustic Voice users in the creation of acoustic music.

Talking about the Acoustic Voice plugin Igor Nembrini, founder and creator of Nembrini Audio said: ‘the plugin turns your under saddle pickup into a studio-grade, pro-sounding full body elite instrument.’

For an introductory period only, Acoustic Voice  (as an iLok-protected** AAX-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting plug-in) for MAC OS1.9 and above or Windows 7 and above, is available to purchase for only $39.00 USD (normally $99.00 USD) until 8th August 2021. The AuV3 format for iOS can be purchased for $9.99USD (normally $14.99 USD).

To find out more about Nembrini Audio’s Acoustic Voice please go to

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Gus G Launches His Own Pickup Company

Gus G Launches His Own Pickup Company

Introducing 2 brand new sets of high output Metal Pickups

Legendary metal guitar player Gus G, known for his work with OZZY OSBOURNE and FIREWIND announces new venture BLACKFIRE PICKUPS – his own Pickup company. Without a doubt, Gus is one of the most influential metal shredders to emerge on the scene the past two decades and has had a long-lasting line of signature products, including guitars & amplifiers.

Thru different ongoing cooperations with the industry´s biggest brands over the past years, Gus developed a very precise and distinctive idea about how he wants his gear to function and of course, how it has to sound and behave to help him expressing his musical creativity. 

Gus states: “Creating my own pickups was a dream come true. This wasn’t about making another signature piece of gear, but rather than creating something new from scratch based in my 20 year long experience touring and recording professionally. Being on a constant search for the perfect tone, I wanted to make the pickup that will be suitable not only for myself, but for any Rock & Metal player that is looking for solid, uncompromising tone.”

Gus was working on the idea for BLACKFIRE PICKUPS for several years. Endless prototypes and tests later, the fist pickups came to life – The Proteus & Immortal sets!

Originally living exclusively on his latest Jackson signature models, the pickups are finally available as standalone products and you can preorder them now!

Check out this Video of Gus explaining the story of BLACKFIRE PICKUPS:

 IMMORTAL – passive humbucker

Blackfire Pickups

Immortal is a high output passive humbucker pick up set designed in conjunction with Gus G. Based on an Alnico 5 magnet, this is a great pickup for Rock and Metal tones with powerful midrange boost that provides crunchy rhythm tones and screaming leads.

  PROTEUS – active humbucker

Blackfire Pickups

The Proteus is a powerful active humbucker pickup set designed in conjunction with Gus G to match his needs for his Metal playing style that requires powerful rich tone and expressive feel.

The pickups come with a high output, low-noise preamp that gives enough kick and distortion, with well-balanced EQ and rich harmonics that respond perfectly to picking attack and dynamics.


IMMORTAL Set (passive): 175€

PROTEUS Set (active): 199€


Dealer inquiries: 

Please contact

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Revv’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Revv’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Revv Amps are spreading holiday cheer with the new Revv’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! With 12 gifts up for grabs (revealing 1 every day until winners are announced), you have the opportunity to win everything from some merch to Revv’s all new Generator 120 MKIII 4-channel tube amplifier with built-in Two notes Audio Engineering reactive loadbox and impulse responses. The best part – it’s totally free!

REVV Christmas Giveaway

“It’s no secret that for many of us, Christmas is going to be strange this year. However, here we are in December 2020 and we’ve made it this far by coming together. The support we’ve seen from the entire music community throughout 2020 cannot be understated. It’s time to give back. We want to spread the spirit of giving with a chance to win one of 12 gifts, up to and including a brand new Generator 120 MKIII! Every day from December 11th to December 22nd a new prize will be revealed here, and on December 23rd we will announce the 12 winners via livestream! Tell all your friends, and spread kindness this holiday season.”

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from our Revv family to yours! Learn how to sign up now.

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KYRO DULO – The Ultimate Pedalboard Amp?

KYRO DULO – The Ultimate Pedalboard Amp?

KYRO Audio, a small company out of Sofia, Bulgaria, has just released the KYRO DULO – a highly versatile Class D pedalboard amp constructed to be the ultimate pedal platform.

Designed and hand-built by some ingenious Bulgarian engineers with a big passion for guitar gear, the KYRO DULO is the perfect working musician, fly rig, and mobile recording solution.

Recently reviewed by respected YouTuber EytschPi42, the KYRO DULO is the real deal. Not a toy. Not an amp that works well with some FX but not others. But a useful, mature pedal platform that WORKS.

As EytschPi42 recently stated:

“A small company from Bulgaria did what H&K and Vox could not! THIS is the pedalboard amp that actually works!”

Watch playthrough + review of the KYRO DULO by EytschPi42!

Focused on making a bulletproof platform, KYRO Audio built a mini pedal that does double duty: record an album during the day AND play a gig at night.

The KYRO DULO can live on your pedalboard or fly rig, ready to go at any time. And if you’re not a gigging musician, you can run this thing on your desk and not take up a ton of space like traditional amps.

KYRO is currently offering a special limited run of 100 units (numbered + certified) shipped before Christmas. The company will continue with standard production in 2021 and has exciting plans for an expanded line of amp pedals.

Save a ton of space, money, and your back. The KYRO DULO literally fits in your pocket!


  • Class D Power Amp
  • Single Clean Channel
  • 3-Band EQ (with EQ Bypass)
  • Built-In Cab Sim (with Bypass)
  • DI Line (XLR) and ¼” Outs
  • Volume Control
  • Presence Control
  • Bright Switch
  • Ground Lift Switch
  • Mute Switch
  • DULO Tone Enhancer® Circuit

Technical Specification:

  • Output Power: 30W @ 8Ω / 15W @ 16Ω /50W @ 4Ω
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • DI Line Out: +4dB (3.472 Vpp)
  • Power Supply: 100 – 240VAC
  • Weight: 0.81 kg / 1.81 lbs (incl. power adapter)
  • Amp Dimensions: 95 x 120 x 50 mm / 3.75″ x 4.75″ x 2.0″
  • Adapter Dimensions: 50 x 124 x 32mm / 2.00″ x 5.00″ x1.25″

Price: $249

KYRO are currently running a weeklong Black Friday sale on the KYRO DULO. Only $199 (down from $249) thru 11/30.

Available for presale NOW (shipping in early December).


Emil Kirilov

CEO & Founder

Devin Barroga

Marketing & Co-Founder

Instagram: @KyroAudio

Facebook: @KyroAudio

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Flamma Launches FS06 Digital Preamp Pedal

Flamma Launches FS06 Digital Preamp Pedal

The Flamma lineup continues to expand as they launch their first preamp pedal, boasting 7 digital guitar preamps covering a wide range of tones fit for any genre. 

As with all Flamma pedals, focus is placed on offering high-quality, flexible tone options with a simple UI at an affordable price. Each preamp inside the FS06 features two channels that can be easily switched between. The built-in cabinet simulator can also be toggled on and off for when a real-life cab isn’t available and built-in EQ knobs allow easy adjustment of Bass, Mid, Treble, Gain, and Volume levels that can be saved to each channel’s preset slot. Two modes of operation are available for the footswitch, allowing it to be used as either an on/off switch or a channel selection switch.

All of these features are wrapped with a clean, industrial design and royal purple finish that complements any pedalboard.

Preamp Models: Deluxe Blue, AC31, Coral Reef, Plex 50, Blue Eye 100, MB 5th Gen, HVE 5151

FS06 Features:

1. 7 different preamp models that cover a wide variety of classic and modern guitar tones. 

2. Each preamp model has two channels with preset save slot for each preamp.

3. Built-in cabinet simulation allows users to connect directly to mixer/PA system.

4. Footswitch can be used to switch channels or to toggle pedal ON/OFF.

The FS06 will be available from Flamma Amazon USA/Canada/Japan, and Aliexpress from November 18th 2020.

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Nick Johnston Becomes Latest Orange Amps Ambassador

Nick Johnston Becomes Latest Orange Amps Ambassador

Canadian guitarist and songwriter, Nick Johnston, has become Orange Amplification’s latest Ambassador. The critically acclaimed musician, known for his fantastic tone, is delighted to be continuing his exploration of new levels of melody, harmony and composition with an Orange Rockerverb 100 MKIII.

Johnston is one of the hottest virtuoso guitar players around. He is much admired for his compelling ability to blend progressive metal seamlessly with thematic instrumental playing. Johnston’s distinctive approach is widely acknowledged as unique, drawing heavily on an extensive range of music genres from blues to classic sci-fi scores. The dramatic and mature combination of his musicality and natural storytelling skills allow him to paint vivid, luscious landscapes with his music. Continue reading →

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Progressive Music Icons Dream Theater and the  Prestigious Berklee College of Music Announce the  Creation of The Dream Theater Scholarship Fund

Progressive Music Icons Dream Theater and the Prestigious Berklee College of Music Announce the Creation of The Dream Theater Scholarship Fund

Berklee College of Music and Dream Theater announce the creation of the Dream Theater Scholarship Fund. In celebration of the band’s 35th anniversary, Dream Theater and Berklee are creating a fund that will provide scholarship money to student musicians in need on an ongoing basis through the future.
Recently, alumni John Petrucci ’86 (guitarist) and wife Rena (who recently completed her Berklee online Advanced Guitar Certificate) visited Berklee to tour the production and music studios of the college. This trip was the couple’s first time back to the campus since their son Reny graduated in 2018. While there, they met with Berklee President Roger Brown and discussed the founding of the Dream Theater Scholarship.

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Steve Vai Signature – Dual Channel All-Tube Synergy Module

Steve Vai Signature – Dual Channel All-Tube Synergy Module

Synergy Amps proudly introduces the first ever signature module, designed with Steve Vai – without a doubt, one of the most iconic artist and guitar players in the guitar industry.
Over the past decades, Steve Vai has become synonymous with tone, technique, and all aspects of the electric guitar with tenacious, creative energy that explodes through his music, performances, and especially his signature gear designs.

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