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Album Release: Danny Muth – Weird Flex

Album Release: Danny Muth – Weird Flex

Danny Muth’s new release “Weird Flex” is an album of instrumental, progressive, experimental, and fingerstyle music that aims to redirect rock guitar and infuse it with elements of free jazz improvisation, post-punk rhythms, and a variety of sonic voices.

The album’s aural vision was inspired by the growing community of experimental jazz and avant-garde rock guitarists (Mike Baggetta, Nick Millevoi, Ava Mendoza, Anthony Pirog, and others), and its overall composition evokes Muth’s experience in various indie, dance, and psychedelic groups.  

On the heels of his 2020 self-titled album (labeled “dissonant…hypnotic…epic… dynamic…versatile” by Divide and Conquer), “Weird Flex” defies typical electric guitar tropes. Although laden with oversized riffs and accessible licks, the album eschews excessive technically preposterous shredding in favor of the unexpected, a nod to Muth’s penchant for fusing free-jazz values into rock foundations. The title track is a near-atonal motif that builds from a simple clean tone into a noisy cacophony of feedback and  vintage effect pedals, notably a boutique ring modulator. “Rub Some Dirt On It” is a more straightforward riff-based piece inspired by avant rock players like Vernon Reid and Chris Haskett. The third track, “Descensus ad Inferos,” showcases Muth’s finger-style ability in an alternate tuning derived from Hawai’ian slack key, augmented with spacey and surfy overdubs. “Green After Green,” is an edgy, angular instrumental reimagining of an older tune originally written for and performed by one of Muth’s earlier Sacramento-area bands, Del Mundo. It’s a short, fast ride down a six-string autobahn to a motorik beat.The final three tracks are unorthodox instrumentals arranged like jazz compositions (head, solo, head) with off-kilter melodies serving as delivery devices for fuzzed-out lead guitar warheads.

The album reflects Muth’s philosophy that rock guitar music must be adventurous, raw, and improvised. 

All instruments- 6 and 12 string electric and acoustic guitars, baritone electric guitar, bass, and drum programming- were performed by Danny Muth. 

“Weird Flex” is scheduled for release on August 24th.

Danny Muth Links





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Guitarist Recovers 30-Year-Old Lost Demo And Relaunches Metal Career

Guitarist Recovers 30-Year-Old Lost Demo And Relaunches Metal Career

Today we bring you the story of David DerMinasian, the guitarist and mastermind behind Retched who recovered a lost 30-year-old demo and relaunched his career in the metal scene, delivering a true classic in present days.

Here’s the backstory: The 1980s were not very kind to DerMinasian and his band Retched, as internal disputes and ill-conceived record deals eventually brought forward the end of a band that was making a name for itself on the West Coast of the United States. Almost three decades later, the guitarist recovered a lost recording from 1988 that could have been a true heavy metal classic and decided to release it. DerMinasian comments on the EP: «The Overlord Messiah was originally recorded in 1988 and we quickly became a headliner band in our hometown of Fresno, California, as well as Hollywood. At the end of 1988, due to some misunderstandings and poor management, we called it quits. Retched had been abandoned for 28 years and I was the only one who had a copy of those recordings.»

The Overlord Messiah EP was finally released in 2016, which encouraged DerMinasian to give a second life to his project. Fast forward to 2021 and we get to see Retched relinquish its heavy metal identity and evolve into a thrash metal outfit with the new single Horrific, a lesson of survival and old-school determination. Horrific is also the title track of the band’s upcoming debut full-length, which DerMinasian hopes to release sometime in 2022. «I never saw my other bandmates again», the guitarist comments on the fate of the other musicians. «Soon after that, I quit playing professionally and just played for fun until I wrote Horrific and wanted to come back to the metal scene again.»

Horrific is available digitally on all major streaming platforms. You can listen to it below:

Guitarist Recovers 30-Year-Old Lost Demo And Relaunches Metal Career


Get in touch with us in order to set up an interview with David.

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Tremonti Unveils Music Video For Debut Single  “If Not For You” From Their Fifth Studio Album  Marching In Time

Tremonti Unveils Music Video For Debut Single “If Not For You” From Their Fifth Studio Album Marching In Time

New Solo Album By Guitarist/Songwriter Mark Tremonti Out  September 24th Via Napalm Records Now Available For Pre-Order:

On the heels of the recent announcements of their fifth studio album as well as tour dates throughout the rest of the year, Tremonti have released their music video for the debut single from Marching In Time scheduled for global release on September 24th via Napalm Records. The track “If Not For You” shows the evolution of the band’s sound in 2021 and the single is now available via all digital streaming platforms. Fans that pre-order the album digitally will receive the new single as an instant download. The music video is a frenetic, high-energy performance video that visually compliments the single that will be impacting radio this month and can be seen here:

Mark Tremonti is no stranger to storytelling. Throughout his years with top-charting bands Alter Bridge and Creed, and most recently his solo band, Mark has never strayed from his love of writing memorable songs. With the upcoming fifth album, Marching In Time, the band looks to continue this trend while exploring their love for heavy music, drawing from current events from the last year to form the basis of each song. While its predecessor, A Dying Machine, was an overall concept album seeped in darker sentiments and story, the vibe of Marching In Time is different – emerging as a charging rock/metal offering that takes the listener on 12 individual journeys. Marching In Time is now available for pre-order here:

From the driving drum beat of opener “A World Away” to the epic closer “Marching In Time,” the new album is a reflective look at the world around us today. Tremonti’s unmatched musicianship bleeds through the album, showcased on tracks like “Thrown Further,” “In One Piece” and the thought provoking “Would You Kill.” Alternatively, the band displays their softer side on pensive tracks “The Last One Of Us” and “Not Afraid to Lose.” Epic title track “Marching In Time” tells the story of a father having a child during a global pandemic and how he prepares for life during that time – something Mark Tremonti recently experienced in his own life. Marching In Time was produced longtime friend and collaborator Michael “Elvis” Baskette – the producer Mark has worked with exclusively since 2007.

The track listing for Marching In Time is:
1. A World Away
2. Now And Forever
3. If Not For You
4. Thrown Further
5. Let That Be Us
6. The Last One Of Us
7. In One Piece
8. Under The Sun
9. Not Afraid To Lose
10. Bleak
11. Would You Kill
12. Marching In Time

Marching In Time will be available in the following formats*:
-CD Digipak
-Digital Album
-2LP Gatefold Black
-2LP Gatefold Marbled White / Black + Bonus Track (Band Store Only – limited to 500)
-2LP Gatefold Sun Yellow + Bonus Track (Band Store Only – limited to 500)
-2LP Gatefold Crystal Clear + Bonus Track (Band Store Only – limited to 500)
-2LP Gatefold Pink Transparent (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500)
-Die-Hard Edition: 2LP Marble Transparent Black + Guitar Pick + Print (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500)
-Deluxe Box: Flag, Wristband & More! (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500)
*Additional formats will be available via individual retailers.

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Guitar Icon George Lynch Releases Blazing First Single “Death By A Thousand Licks” From First-Ever Instrumental Album Seamless

Guitar Icon George Lynch Releases Blazing First Single “Death By A Thousand Licks” From First-Ever Instrumental Album Seamless

Album Now Available For Pre-Order Via Rat Pak Records

On the heels of the announcement of his first-ever full-length instrumental album Seamless, guitar icon George Lynch has released the album’s debut single “Death By A Thousand Licks.”  George opens the track with firecracker guitar licks that seem to emanate from another galaxy. With drum and bass then quickly entering the fold, George takes the listener speeding down a sonic highway full of guitar tricks and acrobatics, arguably packing more licks than the song title suggests. Fans who pre-order the album on iTunes will receive an instant download of “Death By A Thousand Licks.” Listen to George shred on “Death By A Thousand Licks” at the link here:
“‘Death By A Thousand Licks’ was the last piece I wrote for Seamless,” George Lynch explains. “I decided to do something that was maniacal and shooting from the hip, completely improvised. It isn’t really intended to be a fully developed composition but more of a vehicle for solo insanity. I think at least half of what I played is in the right key.”
Pre-order Seamless on iTunes here:
Guitar Icon George Lynch Releases Blazing First Single "Death By A Thousand Licks" From First-Ever Instrumental Album Seamless
With over 40 years playing guitar and songwriting as a professional musician, George gets to add yet another highlight to his storied career. Seamless, out on August 20th via Rat Pak Records, features nine brand new tracks and three bonus tracks from Lynch who is backed by drummer Jimmy D’Anda and bassist Eric Loiselle on the album. Seamless is produced by Lynch and is now available for pre-order in various configurations here:
From the driving guitar riff of album opener “Quiver” to the haunting outro of album closer “Falling Apart,” it is clear George Lynch was looking to explore his writing and love for the guitar. Songs like “Cola,” “Sharks With Laser Beams,” and “Supersonic Hypnotic Groove Thing” explore the various musical styles George likes to play while giving him room to experiment with new sounds alongside his signature tone. Check out the lead single “Death By A Thousand Licks” here: The album on all formats includes three bonus tracks that were added to the album after the extra tracks were presented to the label. “Blue Light Effect,” House Of Eternal Return” and “The Weight” also show the musical diversity that only George Lynch as a trio can create.
The track listing for Seamless is:
1.   Quiver
2.   Cola
3.   TJ69
4.   Death By A Thousand Licks
5.   iThink
6.   Sharks With Laser Beams
7.   Octavia
8.   Supersonic Hypnotic Groove Thing
9.   Falling Apart
10. Blue Light Effect
11. House Of Eternal Return
12. The Weight
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Quick Questions With Stonebrother

Quick Questions With Stonebrother

Zach and Ethan Smith join Leo Cox to form a hard-hitting, hard rocking group from the East Coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Combining the raw energy of 70s punk rock with the shredding solos and thundering bass of Van Halen and Metallica with influences ranging from heavy metal, to grunge to pop, this trio is the adrenaline-fuelled head-banging shot to the serotonin boosters you’ve been looking for.

Quick Questions With Stonebrother

Quick Questions With Stonebrother

1. Who inspired you to start playing? 

(Zach) When I first started really playing my favourite guitar player was Slash, and I still think he’s amazing. I would try to take a bunch of his techniques and incorporate them into my own playing. 

(Leo) Hendrix got me started for guitar. Geddy Lee or Geezer Butler inspired me to play bass though. 

2. Which piece of equipment couldn’t you live without? 

(Zach) A tuner pedal. A musician should definitely be able to tune by ear, but if you’re planning on playing live, where there are multiple sources of noise and you can’t hear anything anyways, a tuner is absolutely essential. 

(Leo) None of it, probably surprisingly because I’m the biggest gear-head in the band. As much as I care about the equipment I use, I’m such a huge fan of “getting a sound out of anything” I don’t care about what gear I’m using if it’s in a pinch. 

3. What’s your favourite album of the year so far? 

(Zach) Mammoth WVH. What a killer rock album. Wolfgang Van Halen plays all the instruments, and it’s clear he is extremely skilled at all of them. 

(Leo) The new Greta Van Fleet album, The Battle at Garden’s Gate, is pretty awesome. 

4. If you could have a lesson from anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? 

(Zach) Paul Gilbert. One of the best guitarists ever, plus he’s actually a guitar teacher. His solos are always incredible, and I’d love to talk to him about how he comes up with such complicated but awesome riffs like ‘Green Tinted Sixties Mind’ or ‘Addicted To That Rush’.

(Leo) Jaco Pastorius. 

5. What is your number one tip for any new player? 

(Zach) Play with other people, it will help you become a better player in so many ways. You can pick up tips from different people you play with, and apply them to your own playing. 

(Leo) Stay open minded to every genre of music, but don’t ever play music you don’t want to because you think it’ll make you “better.” Play whatever genre inspires you to play, man.



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Tesseract – Portals: The Multi Format Release Of The Aural & Visual Cinematic Live Experience

Tesseract – Portals: The Multi Format Release Of The Aural & Visual Cinematic Live Experience


In December 2020, TesseracT invited fans to join them in P O R T A L S – an ambitious concept created to offer an escape in a time of isolation. The live cinematic experience fused live performance with beautiful lighting and striking effects, brought together by chaptered screenplay. By taking their most daring steps as a creative force, the band offered the viewer a completely new and unique experience. 

TesseracT performed songs spanning their entire catalogue. Highlights included “Nocturne” off their 2010 debut EP, Concealing Fate and continued with “Eden” (One, 2011), “Of Matter” (Altered State, 2013), “Tourniquet” (Polaris, 2015), and “King” (Sonder, 2018), with the whole performance capturing 14 songs over 2+ hours. The show was a phenomenal success and garnered praise from fans and media worldwide 

“The quality of the audio and visuals provide testament to TesseracT’s statement that the performance represents their biggest production to date

Prog/ Louder Sound

“Everything from the stage to the sound to the visuals were killer… a beautiful two-hour venture. TesseracT should be very proud of themselves for delivering such an immense quality of work for their fans during these unfortunate times”

Metal Insider 

Bass player Amos Williams reflects on the show and its forthcoming release It is only with hindsight and some time to appreciate it that we realise what this show meant to us. P O R T A L S as a show was an experiment afforded to us in a time when anything was possible because nothing of our previous life was possible. The overwhelming acceptance of such an approach to our music, and the stories contained within it, has shown us a potential path forward for TesseracT. It was exciting to connect with our fan base in such a difficult time for everyone, and it was powerful to see how it allowed some respite and escapism. These things were the gifts that this show gave to us, a direction and a drive, as we use this show’s example to forge a new path for TesseracT.”  

Now, Kscope are proud to present this unique event to a wider audience for the first time. The film and soundtrack will be issued on an array of formats including Blu-Ray, Triple LP soundtrack and as a limited edition deluxe 4 disc book edition on 27 August 2021. 

P O R T A L S  Tracklisting 

1. Of Matter (P O R T A L S) [13:55] 

2. King (P O R T A L S) [06:28] 

3. Concealing Fate Parts 1, 2 & 3 (P O R T A L S) [18:15] 

4. Tourniquet (P O R T A L S) [04:30] 

5. Beneath My Skin / Mirror Image (P O R T A L S) [05:44] 

6. Orbital (P O R T A L S) [02:06]  

7. Juno (P O R T A L S) [06:11] 

8. Cages (P O R T A L S) [05:28] 

9. Dystopia (P O R T A L S) [06:43] 

10. Phoenix (P O R T A L S) [04:18] 

11. Nocturne (P O R T A L S) [04:21] 

12. Eden (P O R T A L S) [06:30] 

13. Of Energy (P O R T A L S) [11:05] 

14. Seven Names (P O R T A L S) [05:02]  

 P O R T A L S will be released on the following formats with pre-orders available on theTesseracT band  webstore and Kscope label store from 17 June and other retailers from 18 June HERE (


  • Blu-ray & DVD includes: P O R T A L S main feature • Behind the scenes documentary • Live In The Lockdown • P O R T A L S hi res audio only version (all BD/DVD audio 48/24 PCM Stereo)
  • 2CD P O R T A L S soundtrack
  • All presented in a lavish set with 40 page book containing exclusive pictures, extensive liner notes from Amos Williams and individually numbered art print

The band webstore will exclusively sell a limited number of this set with the art prints signed by TesseracT – available from 17 June

BLU-RAY EDITION includes: P O R T A L S main feature • Behind the scenes documentary • Live In The Lockdown • P O R T A L S hi res audio only version (48/24 PCM Stereo)

3LP Gatefold / 2CD Edition / digital  – the soundtrack to the stunning cinematic live experience P O R T A L S featuring tracks spanning the band’s career to date including Nocturne, Seven Names & King

Along with the release of the livestream event, the band will be playing their first live shows in almost two years this November and December special guests to Trivium in the UK and Europe, as well as returning to North American shores in 2022 (see the band’s website for details).

Follow TesseracT:






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Leprous – Announce new studio album “Aphelion”

Leprous – Announce new studio album “Aphelion”

Creative Norwegian rock outfit LEPROUS are pleased to announce the release of their new studio album “Aphelion”, coming August 27th, 2021 worldwide via InsideOutMusic.

Following up on 2019’s highly acclaimed “Pitfalls” album, LEPROUS recorded “Aphelion” throughout the last year at three different studios: Ghost Ward Studios in Sweden, Ocean Sound Recordings in Norway and Cederberg Studios in Norway. The album was once again mixed by Adam Noble (Placebo, Biffy Clyro, Nothing But Thieves, etc.), mastered by Robin Schmidt (The 1975, Placebo, The Gaslight Anthem, etc.) and its front cover artwork – designed by Elena Sigida, based on photography by Øystein Aspelund – can be seen above.

LEPROUS vocalist/keyboardist Einar Solberg checked in about “Aphelion” as follows:

“We had no plans to start with a new album, then came Covid. “Aphelion” is a very different album. It’s intuitive and spontaneous. We’ve experimented with many completely different ways of writing music and explored new ways to work. There has been no room for overthinking, exaggerated perfectionism or carefully planned songs. I believe this is one of the strengths of this album. It feels alive, it feels free and it does not come across as too calculated.

The album was recorded in three different studios, and a few of the songs were actually recorded in all three studios, Ghost Ward Studios, Ocean Sound Recordings and Cederberg Studios.

The aphelion is the point in the orbit of an object where it is farthest from the sun, and it has a symbolic value which I will leave to your own interpretation.”

Look out for the album pre-order to start on June 25th, 2021, enhanced by the release of a new single!

In the meantime, feel free to re-visit the band’s latest single “Castaway Angels” here:

Check out its video clip directed by Tobias Hole Aasgaarden / South Coast Creative here:

And watch an interesting behind-the-scenes video for the recordings of “Castaway Angels” here:

Leprous – Announce new studio album “Aphelion”

In other news, LEPROUS are celebrating their 20th Band-Anniversary in 2021 and have therefore announced a string of special European shows for December as follows:

LEPROUS – 20th Anniversary European Tour

01.12.2021 Oslo (Norway) – Vulkan Arena

03.12.2021 Nijmegen (The Netherlands) – Doornroosje

04.12.2021 London (UK) – Electric Ballroom

05.12.2021 Paris (France) – Elysee Montmartre

06.12.2021 Aschaffenburg (Germany) – Colos-Saal

07.12.2021 Vienna (Austria) – Arena

08.12.2021 Esch (Luxembourg) – Rockhal

09.12.2021 Lyon (France) – Ninkasi Kao

10.12.2021 Barcelona (Spain) – Apolo 1

11.12.2021 Madrid (Spain) – LAB

13.12.2021 Milan (Italy) – Live Club

14.12.2021 Aarau (Switzerland) – KiFF

15.12.2021 Munich (Germany) – Technikum

16.12.2021 Berlin (Germany) – Columbia Theater

Stay tuned for many more LEPROUS shows and further details on the upcoming “Aphelion” album to be announced soon…

LEPROUS line-up:
(From left to right on photo!)
Robin Ognedal – guitars
Simen Børven – bass
Einar Solberg – vocals/keys

Tor Oddmund Suhrke – guitars
Baard Kolstad – drums

LEPROUS online:


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Maybeshewill Announce First London Headline Show Since 2016

Maybeshewill Announce First London Headline Show Since 2016

Islington Assembly Hall – 15th December 2021

Following their final sold out show at Koko in 2016 and subsequent hiatus, Maybeshewill are now set to return with their first London headline show at Islington Assembly Hall on 15th December 2021. The band comment,

“We’re excited for our first show back and first proper headline show since Koko in 2016. Having returned to the studio this year we’ll be using it as an opportunity to debut new material and revisit our back catalogue.”

Tickets are on sale from Wednesday 16th June –

Maybeshewill released their most recent album ‘Fair Youth’ in 2014 on Superball Music. The band announced their hiatus and a final farewell tour back in April 2016.

The band also recently revealed the 10th anniversary reissue of their album ‘I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone’ which can ordered from Maybeshewill’s store (

Orders will also receive a digital version of the release in WAV and MP3 format with an additional live track. There are also a pair of t-shirts and a print of the new artwork available, bundled with the double vinyl.

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Devin Townsend – Announces new European ‘Lightwork Tour’

Devin Townsend – Announces new European ‘Lightwork Tour’

New studio album to be released in the spring of 2022

After a long time shuffling his feet, desperately waiting to get back on the road, Devin Townsend is very excited to announce his first new tour in support of the forthcoming album ‘Lightwork’, due to be released in Spring 2022. Devin has started recording with GGGarth Richardson at his The Farm Studios in Vancouver BC.

Tickets for the “Lightwork Tour 2022” will go on sale Monday, June 14th, 11am CET and can be ordered at:

Devin Townsend – Announces new European ‘Lightwork Tour’

The following dates are currently scheduled with more shows to be announced in due time: 

13th – Ireland, Dublin, Olympia
19th – France, Lille, Le Splendid
20th – Belgium. Brussels, AB
21st – Germany, Frankfurt, Batschkapp
22nd – Germany, Cologne, Carlswerk Victoria
23rd – France, Paris, L’Olympia
25th – Germany, Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
26th – France, Clermont Ferrand, La Cooperative De Mai
27th – France, Toulouse, Le Bikini
29th – Portugal, Lisbon, Cineteatro
30th – Spain, Madrid, La Riviera
1st – Spain, Barcelona, Razzmatazz 1
3rd – France, Marseille, Le Moulin
4th – Italy, Milan, Live Club
6th – Austria, Dornbirn, Conrad Sohm
7th – Germany, Munich, Backstage Werk
8th – Switzerland, Zurich, X-Tra
10th – Germany, Leipzig, Werk 2
12th – Denmark, Copenhagen, Amager Bio
13th – Sweden, Gothenburg, Pustervik
14th  – Norway, Oslo, Sentrum Scene
16th – Sweden, Stockholm, Cirkus




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