Riffhard Review

Riffhard Review

I’ve looked at many different online guitar tutorial sites over the years. Most of them offer general tuition for beginners or advanced lead guitar tuition. Riffhard is different. Riffhard was created by Monuments guitarist John Browne and is dedicated to modern metal rhythm guitar. Browne is widely regarded as one of the best modern metal rhythm guitarists in the world at the moment so having the opportunity to learn from him seems too good not to try.

For $29 per month, you get access to an ever-growing library of tuition videos accompanied by Guitar Pro tabs to download, along with access to the Riffhard community Facebook group. It might seem like a slightly high price initially but when you consider how much guitar lessons cost it’s actually a very good deal. The site isn’t really aimed at beginners, but if you’re at a moderate level and are looking to improve, or if you are already pretty advanced and want to take your playing to another level then the site has a lot to offer.

Edit – Riffhard 2.0 has launched since this review was written. The old content remains but new content and features have been added. I’ve added a section about these changes at the end.

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