Review – Tonor T20 Boom Arm Mic Stand

Review – Tonor T20 Boom Arm Mic Stand

After recently checking out the Tonor TC-777 USB Mic, I’m now going to take a look at the Tonor T20 Boom Arm Mic Stand. Microphone stands might not be the most exciting studio purchases but they’re a very important bit of kit. Coming in at £29.99, the T20 seems to offer good value but does it perform? Let’s find out.

Tonor T20 Boom Arm Mic Stand

The first thing I noticed about the T20 is how solid it feels. The steel construction gives it a reassuring weight. Tonor say it can support mics weighing up to 4lbs/1.8kg so popular choices like the Blue Yeti can be handled with ease. The black finish is flawless and it looks like a well-made piece of equipment. The external springs are a common feature on lower priced boom stands, more expensive ones usually have internal springs. Having them exposed does mean they are more likely to make noise if you adjust the stand when the mic is on but, from a design perspective, I actually prefer the look of external springs. They don’t seem to make any noise anyway so I don’t see it as an issue. Continue reading →

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