The Pick Ninja Review

I come across some interesting products on the hunt for new equipment to review. One such product is the Pick Ninja. The Pick Ninja is a removable guitar pick grip which is designed to not only improve your grip on a pick but also reduce muscle cramping and improve your picking accuracy as well as endurance. Big claims for a little product!

$2.99 gets you a small piece of recyclable rubber/plastic blend. I’ll be honest, it’s not the most attractive guitar accessory in the world. There is a slit running through the Pick Ninja so you can push a pick into each end allowing you to have two different thicknesses available at all times. I only used it with a single pick but I can see the benefit of being able to hold two. The middle of the Pick Ninja dips down which makes it nice and comfortable to hold. The rubber/plastic is soft but with just enough roughness to keep it feeling secure in your fingers at all times.

In Use

With one of my regular 1.2mm pick slotted into the Pick Ninja, the thinnest section is now around 4mm thick. This obviously feels pretty strange if you aren’t used to using thick picks. I use 3mm picks pretty often so it didn’t feel too alien to me but I can imagine it could be unusual for many people. Once you’ve been using it for a while you do adapt to the extra thickness. I found myself feeling like a plain pick was too thin after a couple of days of playing with a Pick Ninja equipped pick.

Pick Ninja review

I’m one of those people who suffer from slippery fingers. Certain picks simply don’t work for me because they start to slip and slide while I’m playing. I had no such trouble with the same picks while I was using the Pick Ninja on them. Grip levels were excellent, no matter how long I was playing for.

As I said earlier, I do use thick picks a lot of the time so I was interested to see how they’d compare. I don’t find thick picks uncomfortable but a thinner pick plus a Pick Ninja was definitely a more comfortable experience due to the shaping and cushioning provided. Imagine wearing a pair of comfortable shoes then changing into a pair of trainers. That’s the only way I can really describe it.

Pick Ninja Review

After using the Pick Ninja for a few days, I went back to using my picks without it. I could feel a difference immediately. I was having to use more pressure to hold the picks and long, repetitive rhythm parts felt like they took more effort. Using the Pick Ninja again, my grip was more relaxed and I think this is what was helping my endurance. Less gripping force meant a more relaxed grip and the more relaxed you are the better your endurance should be. It seems obvious when you think about it but it really sinks in when you feel it in action. This should also lead to more accuracy and quicker playing.


The Pick Ninja isn’t a love at first sight product. The small block of rubber/plastic doesn’t look particularly attractive and it doesn’t have an array of cool features to amaze you with. Even when you first start to use it, you probably won’t feel blown away by how wonderful it feels. However, use it for a few days then try playing without it. This is where you’ll discover what a cool little invention it is. Being able to play with a more relaxed grip due to the size, shape and texture of the product undoubtedly makes a difference to your playing. I’d imagine it would be a great product for kids who can often struggle to hold a pick correctly or for anyone with hand issues such as arthritis. But for anyone else, why wouldn’t you want a more comfortable playing experience? I’ll definitely keep using the Pick Ninja.

Rating 9/10

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The Pick Ninja